Module 3: Regenerate Your Metabolism, Optimize Your Weightwith Sayer Ji


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

Learn how to reset and renew your metabolism using the Regenerate RX dietary template. Discover dietary and lifestyle hacks that will optimize your weight and muscle mass.

Guest Expert

Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji is the author of REGENERATE, a natural health and health rights advocate, and the founder of GreenMedInfo, the world’s largest open-access natural health database. provides a resource where consumers and health care professionals can access evidence-based, clinical data without the complexity of searching and navigating multiple health institutions. Over 100 million visitors have used the free resource since its inception in 2008.  Sayer is also a reviewer at the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, the co-founder and CEO of Systome Biomed, a board member of the National Health Federation, and a steering committee member of the Global GMO Free Coalition.

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  • S B D says:

    this is my favorite module! great information on how, why we can change ourselves. the blueprint you have given thus far, and also on GreenMedInfo, can be life changing…we just have to do it! And thanks for GreenMedInfo from which one can glean all that is necessary to help our bodies live a clean, green life. Thanks Sayer Ji!

  • Amy L says:

    The concept of the Reset Mono Diet….I sure wish I could get your new book now to read up on this.

    • Moderator says:

      No problem! Here’s an exclusive excerpt straight from the book, not found anywhere else:

      “Apples and Clean
      Water Mono Diet
      (1–3 days)
      Evolutionarily, an apple is a perfect whole food, with all the nutrients and information you need to nourish, cleanse, and lighten your digestive burden while invigorating your microbiome. Apples also contain extremely rejuvenating plant stem cells and EZ water, dissolved oxygen, and other nutrients that don’t require elaborate digestive processing to nourish you deeply. This seemingly radical move toward dietary simplicity will be a profound reset of your entire metabolism, helping your body to clean house while being deeply nourished. You’ll find a similar reset and opening in other areas of your life, as you will have an abundant amount of time once dedicated to acquiring and preparing food that is now entirely yours to fill with new creative ventures.
      For one to three days, you can eat any variety of organic apples; get rid of the seeds, but don’t peel the skin, which contains astringent properties that cleanse your epithelial tissues for healthy oral, gut, and cardiovascular health.

      Apples’ structured biological water will nourish and infuse
      your tissues with both energy and information, and their pectin
      will enhance detoxification by drawing out bile and accumulated
      toxicants. Additionally, like all living foods, the apples have a
      complex and health-promoting microbiome that will reseed and
      reinvigorate your own microbiome. There are no restrictions on
      how many apples you can eat. Let your appetite (or lack thereof)
      be your guide. When you get hungry, just eat one. It’s that simple.
      Drinking plenty of clean and pure water alongside the apples is
      equally essential. Spring water is best, but you can fortify purified
      filtered water with minerals, such as a pinch of Himalayan sea salt
      or trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, to alkalize and
      restructure the water.

      • Marilyn says:

        Why is it that both apples (all varieties) and green grapes have always made me extremely ravenous? I have to eat them right before bed; otherwise, I’ll eat everything in sight within 30-60 minutes of consuming them. This hunger will last all day, and will set me off on binge eating. No other fruits affect me like this. My grown daughter has complained of the same.

  • marianne charbonneau says:

    could you tell me if the purchased package has exactly the same content as the modules we are listening to now, or are the modules longer/contain more information? THX!

    • Moderator says:

      Greetings Marianne! The advanced modules are as follows: ‘Advance Course Modules

      Module 1

      Regenerative Nutrition Deep Dive – Heart, Brain, Liver

      Learn about the top specific foods, spices, remedies and practices that enable you to regenerate your heart, brain and liver.

      Module 2

      Regenerative Nutrition Deep Dive – Bone, Skin, Aging

      Learn about the top specific foods, spices, remedies and practices that enable you to regenerate your bone, skin and both decelerate and reverse premature aging.

      Module 3

      Regenerate Diagnosis: Cancer Overdiagnosis, Overtreatment & Alternative Options

      Learn how to avoid a modern medical pitfall all too commonly overlooked in the name of “preventing cancer,” and “saving lives.” Get in depth information into cancer’s true nature, and ways to avoid becoming a cancer statistic due to overdiagnosis and overtreatment. As well as learn common evidence-based alternatives signaled in the biomedical literature.

      Module 4

      Food As Medicine Cooking Presentation

      Chef Tania Melkonian and Sayer Ji present a special series of recipes from the Regenerate RX Menu plan, revealing practical culinary tips, as well as in depth information into the regenerative and healing properties of commonly available food ingredients and spices! ”

      Module 5

      Regenerative Supplements

      An overview on the topic of supplements (do’s and don’ts, pros and cons), as well as specific supplements that Sayer has studied for 20 years, with his top recommendations in each major class of bodily concerns.

      Module 6

      Regenerate: Sayer Style

      Learn what Sayer does daily to generate a regenerative lifestyle. Avoid these common mistakes, and take advantage of these common hacks, to realize (and hopefully exceed!) your health goals.

      Module 7

      Regenerative Fitness with Hamad Shirazi

      You’ll receive a full Regenerative Fitness program and teaching module from Sayer’s own personal coach and fitness adviser, who helped him regenerate his body to peak performance and resolve chronic mobility and back problems.

      More information here:

  • Anne says:

    I can so relate. Ate whatever I wanted before I was aware of the consequences. Probably ate more sugar than I should have.

  • Becky says:

    What is you always had a waist that was only 5 inches smaller than your hips, even when you were all muscle and not fat in high school.

  • Jonathan Pitts says:

    Impressive. Lucid, detailed, articulate and pretty convincing

  • Karen Watt says:

    This module is giving me hope from a life time of obesity.

    • Moderator says:

      So good to hear your feedback Karen! Sayer was overweight himself and has a special interest in helping people to understand the causes and solutions for this. Here is some of the research he has accumulated on the topic:

      • Pam says:

        I get violently ill on fermented food, is there a reason why?

        • Carri says:

          Hi Pam — It might be a histamine intolerance, which is a mast cell disorder. I can’t do fermented foods, either, nor anything aged, cured, pickled, not even leftovers, as they’re high in histamines–nothing other than fresh. It started after I got into the fermented food craze, most likely from all the kombucha I was drinking! It could also be SIBO/SIFO or an imbalance in the gut microbiome. Too much fermented food does make some people sick. 4 years later and I’m still suffering with digestive symptoms, but now going to do some serious liver “detoxing”/cleansing to see if that will help.

  • K says:

    Question – do vitamins/ supplements act like the fructose becoming harmful? Thank you for explaining so much in a way easily understood. Sad to hear about BPA and the other alphabets.

  • Eva Jansson says:

    Question: All those vegetables, do they have to be raw for benefits? Or can they be cooked?

  • nad says:

    Amazing research Sayer Ji!!
    Moderator, I have a technical question though: I purchased the online
    masterclass for $79. It does stated in the web that it includes download/transcripts
    in pdf format, as well as on the confirmation email purchase.
    Nevertheless, when I accessed it in the website i have no option
    to download the transcripts. How can I correct this? thanks

  • Sally Gill says:

    I’m loving your Masterclass! Your ability to break down science into understandable concepts is amazing! This is one of the best online series I’ve attended. The information is so helpful! Bravo!

    • Tony says:

      I second that!!

    • Daisy says:

      Agreed. Sayer Ji speaks to my mind and to my heart. Kudos to you, your work is excellent and your vibe is great too, Sayer Ji: your path sort of reminds me of my own.

    • Christina says:

      Sally, you took the words right out of my mouth. So impressed and further enlightened from these talks. Sayer Ji helps make everything make sense. Equally one of the best online series I’ve attended, and I attend a lot! Double Bravo from me !!!

    • karen says:

      Like Smokey Robinson said, “I second that emotion.” 👍🏽🆒

  • Kim says:

    So well done!

  • Carolyn Akinyemi says:

    I love this course! Thank you so much Sayer. You make everything so clear and understandable. I’m certainly going to buy your book!

  • Hope says:

    Is Stevia extract considered a chemical that raises insulin as well?

  • Stef says:

    Intrigued by the warning of monocotyledonous plants (what a word!) and worried about my daily muesli with oats, rye and wheat flakes I looked them up and found that great foods like bananas, garlic, bamboo etc. are “mono”, too.
    Does it mean that not all of these monos are bad, only grains?

    Anyway, again interesting information, even if I have the opposite problem – I have been at the border to underweight all my life, despite a love for cake with whipped cream (but only without sugar) and good wine!

    • Tony says:

      Monocots for short appear to have more defense phytochemicals. Preparing them the traditional ancestral way tones these down and they don’t become a problem over time.

    • Moderator says:

      Great question Stef! Monocots of concern are those which are consumed in their seed storage form, after dessication, and the re-cooking and sometimes redehydration (cooking), not to mention processing, and in the case of modern agriculture, chemical processing. I believe gluten-containing grains are harmful in most situations. The other foods mentioned, such as bamboo, banana, and garlic, for instance, have hundreds of studies on demonstrating their value. Check out wheat, on the other hand: 232 signals of harm in the biomedical literature:

      For those with severe weight loss problems, such as cachexia, there are some evidence-based approaches that might be of value for those who are simply trying to put some healthy weight on:

  • Mike says:

    What about corn?I grind up non GMO pop corn and make a cereal out of it.

  • Susan says:

    Been listening and supporting Sayer for years. I’m a bit confused with some of the conflicting info we have on the internet of things. Mastering Diabetes says no oil is healthy for us to not eat it raw nor ever cook with it. Sayer says oil is good for you. Who is correct? I could not gain muscle mass and often wasted away till recently when I stopped eating meat (all grass fed grass finished) stopped using ghee and stopped using oil for cooking and raw on my food. I gained weight! My blood sugar got better! I know the western diet is very harmful and it always seems to boil down to eating a plant based diet in balance just like Mother Nature intended.

    • Rachel says:

      plant Based is good….however meat is abundant in minerals and vitamins and is part of well balanced diet.

    • Moderator says:

      Greetings Susan! Thank you for sharing this important story. You are a great example of how/why there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and why one should prioritize experimenting and becoming more intimate with one’s body’s messages and needs, rather than orthorexically subscribing to dogmas — even my own! I’d say that it has a lot to do with your autonomic nervous system and constitution. For some — say, sympathetic dominants (based on the work of my wife Dr. Kelly Brogan, and her mentor, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, and his mentor Dr. Kelley), eating less meat and more vegetarian foods — is going to be perfect for balancing out one’s needs and helping one reach optimal weight. For a parasympathetic dominant, the opposite may be true. There are also amazing systems from China and India, for instance, that help us to better understand the bioenergetic individuality and ideal diets in a way that Western thinking has not yet found a way to comprehend. And so, it is great to know that you have found an ideal for YOU! That’s all any of us can hope to do!

      • Susan says:

        Sayer, I totally agree that most use the cookie cutter approach and that never works since all of us, although very similar are not alike/clones, and as individuals we need to find the right foods as well as the amounts to keep us at our healthiest. My story is long and complicated and to tell you the truth I’m thankful to still be alive and beginning to thrive again. Over the past year my intuition has told me to stop eating meat everyday as I was not gaining any muscle tissue and to cut back to maybe 2-4 times a month with the healthiest meat I could buy. I don’t agree with everything from Mastering Diabetes and will use what works for my body. Thank you for all you do Sayer and keep fighting the censorship that is becoming an epidemic in our time. Namaste

  • Bill says:

    Does Stevia(and monk fruit,etc)cause the same cravings and insulin spikes as artificial sweeteners(aspartame, etc)?

    • Moderator says:

      Great question Bill! I addressed this a few comments above, but in short, yes, separating sweetness from caloric content — artificially or naturally — can send a signal to the body to produce more insulin and to crave more carbohydrate. This is not always the case, and much less likely to occur through a natural substance, but is a possible side effect. Good topic you raise!

  • Tony says:

    Sayer, why did ancestral people have relatively mono diets such as the Inca with potatoes and the Maya with corn? Does our microbiome need to specialize at digesting specific foods to nourish us fully?

    • Moderator says:

      Tony – great question and suggestion. I do believe you are correct. That the microbiome can adjust and optimize certain foods nutritionally to provide layers of benefits that otherwise would not be present in the primary food substrate (so-called metabolome byproducts). And so, the microbiome mediates the relationship between a species and its environment, often converting things that are indigestible and even toxic, into beneficial foods. More on this topic in my article: “How The Microbiome Make Us “Supra Human””

  • Nicole says:

    Thank you for your continued generous healing energy! It has made a huge difference in my health and therefore my life.

    I just pre-ordered your book for Kindle.

  • Michele says:

    Thank you so much Dr Ji for doing this series. As a nurse I’m always trying to figure out how to explain things in an easier way to people so that they can understand what’s going on with their health as well as what they can do about it. You are doing exactly that in this series and I’m so thankful. I’m learning more myself and hope to learn more in the future presentations. Michele Zuidema

  • Bonnie says:

    I’ve watched the 3 modules so far. Excellent information! .
    I have 3 questions. First regarding sweeteners, I use organic, liquid pure stevia
    with no additives. Stevia is a plant, not a chemical. How does Sayer Ji feel
    about stevia.
    Second, how do you get enough curcumin when there is only a small amount
    in turmeric?
    Third, what about oats..I eat whole, organic oats in oatmeal for breakfast about
    3 times a week. Are oats a good choice of food? Thank you.

    • Moderator says:

      Greetings Bonnie! Great questions. So, first, stevia is a powerful healing substance and a great alternative to synthetic sweeteners. You can see my database page on the topic here: That said, whenever you divorce sweetness from caloric content, naturally or artificially, it may cause the body to secret insulin and feel deprived of the anticipated biologically determined terminus expectation of glucose. This means that stevia can cause cravings in some. That said, it’s orders of magnitude safer than toxic chemicals like sucralose (splenda) which actually produce dioxins when heated: Second, when it comes to curcumin, there are many ways to take it and get biologically significant quantities. This is a topic that I feel I should address in a future question and answer and will take a note to do so. That said, keep in mind that “less is more,” the best way to take curcumin is in its naturally occurring proportions within whole turmeric. I do believe in forms that are water-soluble, and am developing a form which I plan to release in a few months. But, I also think that you should consume it in traditional culinary applications whenever possible: curry, or turmeric milk (turmeric mixed with coconut milk and heated slightly). Thirdly, I think oats are exceptional grains insofar as unlike other prolamin containing grains (wheat, rye, rice, barley), they have significant intestinal healing and health invigorating properties. They are also excellent nervines, capable of balancing the autonomic nervous system. Learn more about oats on my database on the subject: I hope this information helps! Best regards, Sayer

    • Richard says:

      We have tested our organic oats and unfortunately they contain high amounts of glyphosphate now that farmers use it to dry out the plant for easier harvesting.

      • Sayer says:

        GREAT point Richard. I recently reported on this issue, as well: “Non-GMO” Cheerios Oats Still Sprayed With Roundup, Supplier Announces”

        • Carol B says:

          Are you familiar with Their site states the following about the oats they sell: “Our rolled oats are grown on a single farm in Italy using sustainable and organic methods without any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

          As an added assurance they are also tested for the presence of glyphosate and no trace was found in the batch we tested. We have tested many batches of oats from the U.S., including those that are certified organic, and it has been extremely difficult to find sources with no trace of the herbicide glyphosate present.

          These oats are processed by a small family-run mill in Texas, and are never subjected to any heat processing, and are truly raw. This mill is dedicated to milling only grains that are free from pesticides and herbicides.”

        • Rick says:

          As you know Sayer, it’s difficult if not impossible to find factory food that isn’t destroyed by processing, heat or have unknown contents like “other natural ingredients”.

      • Cj says:

        How can they use glyphosphate to dry it and still label it organic?

        • Bonnie says:

          I believe non GMO doesn’t necessarily mean organic but if it’s organic it does NOT have GMO or they can’t legally label it organic.😉

        • Yogidoc says:

          Good question. One that I asked a young fellow working at Whole Foods in Flagstaff. He was uninformed.

          Gmo is below the ground and IN the plant, organic is above and ON the plant. That is how I think of it. Non-gmo AND organic is the Gold Standard for me.

          • H.A. says:

            Hi there… You might want to go the website of the Organic Consumers Association and GMO Free USA (has lots of peer reviewed articles). Your saying is quippy, yet I think there is a lot more to this topic you might want to know, especially if your body reacts sensitively to “foods”. – All the best!

      • Chris says:

        So sad 🙁 where do you test your oats Richard?
        So disappointed that organic farmers are able to get away with spraying their organic crops with glyphsophtes.

      • Fiona says:

        Is that due to some legal loophole in the definition of organic? I heard that oats were heavily sprayed prior to harvest but did not know that included organic. Very disappointing. 🙁 Thanks, Fiona

  • BEVERLEY says:

    Thanks for all your wonderful information. Very inspiring and makes complete sense.

  • Dinah King says:

    Understanding why we need to eat whole foods will make it easier for me to make the changes I need to make. It will also benefit my family as well.

  • CarmenK says:

    Hello Sayer Ji, I’ve been completely enjoying your talks every morning!! I’m learning so much. Thank you so much.

  • Lynda says:

    Very empowering, looking forward to learning more. Thank you.

  • Maryanne says:

    is this information in the book? i can’t find the table of contents or index for the book to know what all is contained in it? thanks

  • Eva Stohr says:

    Very well done, thank you so much Sayer!!! I am 5 yers on Wheat Belly diet and You give me more information…

  • CarmenK says:

    Technical problems with masterclass 3 but it’s worth waiting!

  • Denise says:

    Hello Sayer: Regarding yesterday’s episode and LDL, you mention something about LDL not being “bad” but if it’s in an oxidative manner, then it is. How would I know if my LDL (which is around 135), is oxidative? Is it through a blood test? Is there wording on blood tests that I should look for to know if it’s oxidative?

    I’m not on any cholesterol drug and have been trying to stay off of them and hoping my husband at some point will agree to get off of them.

    Thank you.

  • Dan Grimes says:

    I heard that fruits and vegetables that have skin like apples have poison toxins in the skin for protection to deter insects from eating them. Is this true? If so, are these toxins harmful to humans when we eat the skins? That is, do these poisonous toxins cause inflammation in our body? Thank you for you response. Dan

  • Shannon Schreur says:

    Thank you Sayer Ji for your Regenerate series! I have studied good nutrition for years but never quite stayed on the healthy eating path. I have issues with abdominal fat and this series has renewed my desire in eating whole foods and totally believe (know) that good food can prevent and reverse dis-ease! Thanks again!!!

  • Genevieve Hibbs says:

    ‘Non-fatty liver diease’ — should that read – ‘Non alcoholic fatty liver diease’?

  • Elena says:

    Hi Sayer – your knowledge is so incredibly impressive.
    May I request a list of “good” grains and other foods that supplement the veggies?

  • Zanna says:

    I am a spiritual teacher.The information rings true with me and I feel so passionate about sayers work. Im a qualified naturopath and have read and studied many books, but these masterclasses include new concepts and are so clear and informative! So Ive just pre-ordered the regenerate book!

  • Robin Liberatore says:

    Sayer, I just ordered your book! Your childhood asthma and the treatments used is exactly what I was prescribed! I was given so many antibiotics and steroids over the last 50 years of my life that I now have Hashimotos and RA, not to mention metabolic syndrome! I know that food has a major impact because when I fast for 7 days, my symptoms subside. I have been eating organic, no sugar, no gluten and no dairy and distilled water, replaced all my cleaners with natural products with essential oils but I still have Systemic Chronic Inflammation. I have also been exposed to mold and Lyme. Not even sure where to start. I am ordering your modules because I know that you have done enormous truth seeking, as have I, but there is a difference in those that know the path and those who have traveled the path! Many thanks for your continued tireless work on Green Med Info and all the other educational informational videos etc. You are a bright light on a dark path!

  • L says:

    I love the honesty, integrity and heart that goes into Sayer’s work- thankyou Sayer. I also appreciate the fact these presentations aren’t too long and padded out like so many others and further, they are packed solid with wonderful and uplifting real information instead of riding on the backs of bulked up presentations full of patient testimonials.

    The one thing that made me sad was that I used to love biting into my “apple a day!” Now because of two broken teeth and two extractions along with long term bleeding gums (ironically after work from a biological dentist left me with an abscess!), hypothyroidism, CFS and menopausal symptoms, I have to mash all my food to a mono-tasting pulp lest I break what teeth I have left. So mashed steamed veg is a staple! Unfortunately, I also lose much of the digestive benefit that chewing and hence salivating properly bestows. Not only can I not afford decent dental treatment now as I am in poverty (and I don’t want the UK’s NHS “treatment!”), but my health state means that I really don’t do well after any work, even minor fillings (and I have only ever had white ones done, no mercury thankfully). I would love to be able to get back to literally munching on a raw apple for its health benefits. Are there any suggestions on this?

    Vote: 1 0

    • Nona says:

      You have serious challenges but they’re not TOTALLY insurmountable.

      For various reasons, I’ve had periods when I couldn’t fully chew. I could chew just a little and what I did was do that small amount of chewing — and believe me, it was a small amount — and then mash the food around IN MY MOUTH against the roof. It took a lot longer than normal chewing does (or would) but it did make it possible for me to get the benefits of the mouth enzymes breaking down the foods.

      Surprisingly, this practice helped to make eating reasonably satisfying AND helped me to eat judiciously. Since there was a lot of work involved in “chewing” and eating, I was fussy about what I put in my mouth. I didn’t want to waste energy eating something that didn’t contribute to health, something I would have done happily and freely had I been able to chew normally.

      I hope this helps.

      • L says:

        Hi Nona, thankyou very much for taking the time to reply. It’s really appreciated and this sounds like an interesting practice. I can see it probably helps strengthen the gums whilst also getting those enzymes working. I have had a lot of digestive issues and I am sure they have been exacerbated because I haven’t been able to produce enough of the enzymes right at the start of the digestive process through chewing.

    • Anne Gottier says:

      I think you could chop it really fine, maybe even smush it with the flat edge of the knife. When we make cider we grind raw apples in a press and the ground apples are almost as delicious as the cider. BTW you can just put the whole apple in a blender, strain it – & enjoy one sorry for your teeth situation, that must be a difficult challenge.

      • L says:

        Hi Anne Thankyou also for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. These sound like great ideas to try. I think I’ll also try it in a pestle and mortar thanks to the cider making inspiration here!

    • Susie says:

      I hope you can contact Marjorie at GrowNetwork, in Austin, Texas. I bought a DVD seminar on dental issues from her- By Doug Simons. Excellent, so many “old” herbal solutions. I buy a VERY SPECIFIC type of horsetail (??hyemail?) from Doug that he grows and processes. Marjorie grows it – easy to grow in warm climate, maybe indoors with special light bulb.
      I can’t find it from anyone else except 1 guy who gets it from Australia. Better than nothing but not as good as Doug’s. It’s awesome to literally regrow enamel and can see it strengthen teeth in short time. also 2nd try these toothpastes: Uncle Harry’s Natural & Fluoride-free Remineralizing Toothpaste – Freshens Breath & Strengthens Enamel $11 & Uncle Harry’s remineralizing drops- & Moringa Mineral Rich Fluoride Free Toothpaste 2 oz about$14 But diet is essential. See Cure Tooth Decay- Ramel Nagel. Excellent on diet- oats are a big no no for teeth. Phytic (sp?) acid tells your body not to remineralize. He has a whole chart on foods and physic acid amounts. May God guide you in your research and decisions.

      • Fiona Perry says:

        Hi Susie,
        I’ve also watched Marjorie’s Alternative to Dentists. I live in Australia. Where do you get the horsetail here?

    • Ruth says:

      You can get your mouth enzymes working by salivating under your tongue. For some, flicking your tongue against the bottom palate can help. Perhaps you can also try smelling something that might make your mouth “water”. Good luck!

  • Eric Dunn says:

    You are a generous genius. A gift to the world. Thank you!

  • Gosh says:

    Thanks again master
    In my travelling life and certainly at home i try to eat organic
    Now I have my own organic garden and enjoying it
    I am 69 and in top shape
    Also because of yoga and chi kung
    I know how hard it is to ask people to give up on say artificial sweeteners
    Congratulations for making it so clear

  • Sandi says:

    Again, thank you for all you do, for all of us.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Very inspiring module; it makes perfect sense. I am going to eat apples only this weekend. Thank you so much Sayer Ji! Jacqueline

  • Maia says:

    Love your class but confused by food combinations in the recipes that seem to invite glycation, & too many ingredients I do not tolerate. Looking forward to your book.

  • Camille says:

    Thank you so much for everything that you are putting out there. It’s amazing !

    About shifting white fat to brown fat, are you familiar with France Guillain’s work ? I believe her method is known as D-CoolinWay (Bain dérivatif in french) This technique changed my life : it helped me get rid of my acne without any medication (+ liver detox, sauna, and dietary changes)

    Just thought you could use this
    MERCI 🙂

  • Tamra Brown says:

    Told that bone broth and stock are good for you, so the high free glutamate levels in those are safe and not excitoxic?

    • Moderator says:

      Tamra – bone broth has great benefits. In some, especially those with blood-brain-barrier permeability issues (such as those with MS), free glutamate in any form will be best avoided. Of course, everyone is different. You just need to find what works for you!

  • Marlene says:

    I’m enjoying the class. Could you tell me the name of the green vegetable on the heading of every module? I know it was discussed in module 1. I bought one and want to look up how to cook it. Thank you!

  • Ariel says:

    Totally glorious information and so lovingly imparted. Everything you have said verifies the many “hunches” I’ve had for many years about the unlimited capacities of our bodies to renew themselves. Thank you and bless you with all my heart!

  • aracely says:

    Wow, this is indeed revolutionary! The secret to a healthier life is to go bak to the basics.
    It is rather bad news that in our search for innovation and improvement, we
    as a species have managed to do just the opposite.
    thank you so much for doing this Masterclass.

  • sharon says:

    Excellent webinar. Sayer is so knowledgable and explains information in a way that lay people can understand. Looking forward to the rest of the topics.Thank you.

  • Carla says:

    What is the ideal waist to hip ratio for good health

  • Carole Schneider says:

    BRILLIANT and now I am used to your terminology smiling all the way through taking notes and so enjoying the way “you break down science into understandable concepts” said below by Sally Gill – THANK YOU <3

  • Adelina La Scaleia says:

    Hi Sayer Ji.Thank you very much for all this amazing information.I think that there is hope. I also would like to ask if my constant belly bloating is because of toxins in my body. I am Italian, I do not eat pasta though, but bread but at least twice a week, bread made from ancestral grains and souer dough!I exercise, I go in the sun at least 1 to 2 hours per day.I eat olive oils and all the healthy fats you mentioned…But the bloating is still there…Thanks a lot

    • Moderator says:

      Greetings! My primary recommendation is to remove cow’s milk products and all gluten-containing grains (even that wonderful and delicious sourdough!) for two weeks or longer, and see how you feel. If/when you reintroduce these foods, you’ll like notice a response similar to when you first at them, but forgot long ago about. I would also consider adding organic papaya to your diet. It is one of the best digestives on the planet, and interestingly has the enzyme required to split both the gluten and casein molecule effectively. It may very well help with your bloating!

      • Suz says:

        Can the papaya be dried or does it need to be fresh?

      • Merilisa says:

        Absolutely !! Papaya –
        Just about my favorite part of the papaya [ besides the flesh being refreshingly delicious ] are the seeds which most people throw out. They are like pepper corns and will put them in my salad dressings and smoothies & eat a spoonful when I have a stomach ache . Hawaiian yellow-orange papayas are , I find , the most delicious . Maridol papayas from the Caribbean or Mexico are { so I’ve been told } most likely genetically modified .

    • Barbara says:

      Hello Adelina, I found out that the liver cannot properly digest even the good oils if it isn’t working properly, and also causes bloating. I did a cleanse (The Smoothie Girl cleanse) and it (finally) got rid of the bloating. But I have to be careful what foods I eat together.
      Good luck

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    Do you cover any muscle testing and radionics on your site? It would be a fascinating topic to cover. Have you read the book “The Secret Life of Plants”? Amazing they have verified a plant in Africa that produces a defensive chemical only when an animal that eats them is near. Radionics is frequency based-a practitioner rec blood from a woman 50 miles away and in the negative (uses a polaroid as need a pos and neg) from the blood there was an image of her 3 month old in uterine. The energy pattern of the baby was in the blood. As you know this is Quantum physics-and light speed is not the top speed at which information at least can travel.

    Well done presentation in all respects and your work is among best/most important.

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    • Sayer says:

      Great question Luke! I’ve been wary of pea protein isolate for this reason. The protein component of plants includes certain lectins which may cause some challenges. Lectins are not all bad — in fact, there are quite a few which are highly therapeutic. And so, its all about context. But, generally speaking, the more processed and isolated (even from a great organic source), the more it behaves like a chemical and less like a nutrient. One way to understand this is that like ‘a text without a text is a pretext,’ a nutrient taken from the whole food complex within which it is naturally found, has lost much of its informational benefit/meaning. It becomes an “abstraction,” if you well. And all meaning, including in biosemiotics (something my father Sungchul Ji has spent his life researching and teaching on), is context dependent. I hope that helps! Here’s more great content on the topic by my friend and colleague Vic Shayne, PhD:

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    Thank you once more, take care…🌺

    • Sayer says:

      Pieta – your feedback is so greatly appreciated and warmly received. It’s deeply encouraging to know that the work is having this effect. Kind regards, Sayer Ji

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    My question: I have recently been diagnosed with SIBO. My Dr. recommended the FODMAP diet. Apples are not allowed. We have apple trees so that was a disappointment. Now with your recommendation to eat apples, I’m torn. I think that will be my next food to test. I’m wondering if you will be addressing SIBO and what your thoughts on the FODMAP elimination diet is. I feel so lost about what to eat.
    I eat organic, whole food, I garden, eat many herbs, small amounts of organic meat. Lots of sardines as I have Osteoporosis & don’t tolerate milk well. I don’t have White sugar,(do occasionally have honey &/or maple syrup as sweeteners & dark 85- 92% chocolate), and am pretty much gluten free. Have done so for many years now. any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.Thanx in advance.

    • Moderator says:

      Greetings Anne! I would say that FODMAPs can have amazing effects for some individuals, and yet, if it were me, I would make an exception for a common apple (assuming one is eating it when truly hungry, and you are assured to maximize your digestion and absorption of the food). The carbohydrates that are of concern in FODMAPs may become less so, over time, when the microbiome of the food (the apple in this case) begins to alter yours — all the more reason to only consume organic, where the microbiome is naturally optimized for mammalian digestion. The goal, of course, is not to eat apples as we would other “3 square meals a day” — which is to say, mindlessly and excessively, in most cases. It’s actually not about eating for pleasure, in this case (though it can be sublimely pleasurable to eat a raw apple when hungry), but rather, to clear the digestive experience and simplify one’s life. Take one day, and skip a meal and instead eat an apple. If you like, do it all day long, and then resume your normal diet the next day. This is a way to “take a fast” without really depriving yourself, or causing your body’s eliminative functions to shut down. As far as “having osteoporosis,” please make sure you confirm that you are not referring to the T-score based definition, which inappropriately compares the bone density of older individuals to a young adult at peak bone mass. You’d be surprised to learn that there are actually benefits to low bone mineral density (reduced cancer mortality), which I discuss in my advanced module on Bone, Aging, and Skin. We also have the upcoming fitness module with Coach Shirazi, wherein we show you the most important factors to fracture risk: gait/vision/neurological, all which can be improved via simple bodily practices we call Regenerative Fitness. I hope this information helps!

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    I have been taking detailed notes for 3 days, thank you so much! One question. Can you direct me to more info on what you mean by “quantum vacuum”? Thanks again!

    • Sayer says:

      From REGENERATE, Chapter 3: “In the New Biophysics, space is described as the quantum vacuum,
      unlike its more passive precursor of classical physics, where
      it is visualized as an empty and invisible container for physical
      things. The quantum vacuum is not a void but is instead teeming
      with zero-point energy, that is, the vibrational energy at baseline
      or ground state that remains present even when the system
      being observed from a classical perspective is at absolute zero and
      appears completely empty and motionless. In quantum field theory,
      estimates of the vacuum energy density within “empty space”
      range from infinity to the mass density of about 1096 kilograms
      per cubic meter (that’s a 10 with 96 zeros behind it!), which in
      practical terms is infinite. This is the reason American physicist
      Richard Feynman remarked that “one teacup of empty space contains
      enough energy to boil all the world’s oceans.” Similarly, Swiss
      physicist Nassim Haramein predicts that the zero-point vacuum
      energy contained within the volume of a single proton is equal to
      the mass of all protons in the observable universe.
      Within this understanding of empty space, matter (in the form
      of virtual particles) is constantly popping in and out of existence
      within the quantum vacuum, similar to a foam coalescing and
      disappearing at the bottom of an immense waterfall of energy The version of reality described by quantum field theory physics
      seemingly violates basic laws of thermodynamics, with its conservation
      of energy and matter, and completely contradicts the
      classic Newtonian, macroscopic experience of space and objects
      within which we live. Yet it is the best explanation for how forces
      and particles behave, with a wide range of modern technologies
      like laser systems, MRIs, and semiconductor devices owing their
      existence to it.
      So, how does this relate to the New Biology? If quantum field
      theory is accurate, and a practically infinite source of energy is
      available to biological systems at any point in space, everything
      we have learned about how the cell works and what our bodies
      need to survive would need to be revised. Indeed, an entirely new
      field called quantum biology has sprung up in order to understand
      how these discoveries at the level of the quantum of action
      affect biological systems, from the most basic molecular building
      blocks of the cell all the way up to human physiology and the origin
      and nature of consciousness itself. A concrete example of a biological system that harnesses
      energy from the quantum vacuum can be found in the wallcrawling
      gecko lizard, which can hang from ceilings and scale
      smooth surfaces like glass, seemingly boldly defying basic physical
      laws of gravity.
      In quantum physics, there is a phenomenon known as
      the Casimir effect.50 By placing two uncharged metallic plates
      extremely close together (a few micrometers apart), without any
      external electromagnetic field present, the quantum vacuum
      energy draws the plates together from the wide range of electromagnetic
      frequencies in the energy density of the vacuum of
      space. The longer wavelengths are excluded from within the small
      opening between the plates, hence pushing the plates together
      from the outside in, proving the vacuum is full of “real” energy
      and can affect the objects in “real space.” The gecko, it turns out, has extremely small Casimir-like
      plate structures at the end of its bulbous feet in the form of millions
      of microscopic hairs. When applied to a flat surface, these
      hairs harness the Casimir effect to help keep the gecko stuck to
      the wall. While there are other proposed contributing factors,
      such as electrostatic effects, the Casimir effect is believed to be
      a primary cause. The unusual, quantum-mechanical origin of the gecko’s superpower
      even makes sense from a conventionally minded evolutionary
      perspective. Should we really be surprised that after billions
      of years of trial and error, where even the slightest advantage has
      life-and-death consequences, living things would eschew a quantum
      free lunch? Indeed, the Casimir effect and other zero-point
      energy–harnessing processes are operative at the most fundamental
      building blocks of our biological architecture.” We hope that helps!

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    I would like to try this one weekend mono diet, but does it have to be done with apples? My teeth are in such bad shape that it’s hard to eat apples – takes me about an hour to eat one and it hurts my mouth (I know I need them pulled and get dentures, but just can’t afford it). So can you use any other food?

    • L says:

      Maureen, I have teeth and gum issues too due to dental problems and posted about this very issue of problems with eating apples. If you scroll down to my post yesterday, you will see replies from Nona and Anne Gottier, which might help you too.

    • Moderator says:

      Greetings Maureen! I copied my response from above: No, it definitely does not have to be an apple. In fact, I suggest trying any raw fruit or vegetable (celery? avocado? papaya?) that resonates with you. In fact, you could also try the mono-diet of raw foods to start, for one day. To start to get a sense for what it feels like to only have living foods in your body. But, be careful not to eat too much. There will be a microbial adjustment phase, and there are significant plant anti-nutrients, if you will, which may present some mild gastrointestinal complaints. But that is why portion size is key. The key is actually not to eat a lot. It’s to provide an alternative to straight water fasting. To truly appreciate, meditatively, sensually the raw things you are eating, in light of what you now know about food-as-information and the truly positive intentions that flow between the animal and vegetable kingdoms of life, as our fates always have been, and always will be linked. I hope that helps!

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    • Moderator says:

      Greetings Ruth! Relative to conventional “junk food,” sweet potato chips made with coconut is a quantum leap in the right direction. That said, heating oils — even coconut oil, which is ideal for cooking applications due to its saturation — is definitely not part of the ancient ancestral template (at least not in large amounts, meaning more than a handful or two of chips every once in a while). Consider, also, if you prepare it yourself (who’s really going to do that?), you’d be eating them fresh, but most of these products are designed to sit on the shelf for at least six months. Time, heat, light, humidity, etc., will almost always compromise food quality/information. And so, best to bake a sweet potato, and use real butter or fresh coconut oil, and enjoy the treat that way!

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    If all “doctors” were like you big pharma would lose a ton load in profit and humanity a ton load in health and well-being.

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    Does it have to be apple? I cannot have apples, I’m intolerant to fructose, wheat/cereal and dairy, allergic to crustaceans and most meds. Most recently I started getting asthmatic reaction to my antihistamine! I also know many people with similar limitations.

    What would be a good replacement food for the monodiet? I think I could do watermelon if not too sweet – what would you suggest?

    Many thanks, again


    • Moderator says:

      Greetings Ersilia! No, it definitely does not have to be an apple. In fact, I suggest trying any raw fruit or vegetable (celery? avocado? papaya?) that resonates with you. In fact, you could also try the mono-diet of raw foods to start, for one day. To start to get a sense for what it feels like to only have living foods in your body. But, be careful not to eat too much. There will be a microbial adjustment phase, and there are significant plant anti-nutrients, if you will, which may present some mild gastrointestinal complaints. But that is why portion size is key. The key is actually not to eat a lot. It’s to provide an alternative to straight water fasting. To truly appreciate, meditatively, sensually the raw things you are eating, in light of what you now know about food-as-information and the truly positive intentions that flow between the animal and vegetable kingdoms of life, as our fates always have been, and always will be linked. I hope that helps!

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    • Moderator says:

      Greetings Kinara! The bioavailability question is an important one, but I believe that the quantity of specific monochemicals extracted from whole plants does not represent, nor convey fully its healing properties. If you consider that there is near infinite complexity in the whole plant, with thousands of chemistries elegantly interacting, lifting just one compound — say, curcumin — from the whole, will actually reduce the information/intelligence quotient of the whole plant. It’s like removing the soul from the body and claiming it is still a human being. Pepper and specifically piperine within it will enhance absorption, systematically, but sometimes you actually want it to be less absorbable — say, in the case of intestinal polyps. In that case, you want whole turmeric root powder, consumed in food form, and it will literally paint the interior of the intestines with a flood of information that should help to correct misfolded proteins and mis- or dys- expressed genes. That’s simplistic, but in this realm, sometimes it helps to not get into the profound details and complexity at play, as one can get easily lost. I hope this helped!

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